In 2017, FHECOR was a Spanish pioneer to collaborate with the NGO Bridges to Prosperity by means of the team of volunteers of "Madrid for Madriz", which built successfully the Monteverde footbridge in a rural area of Nicaragua. This success was awarded the “Social Responsibility and Sustainability“Award months later by the College of Civil Engineers of the Community of Madrid.

In February 2018, another group of five volunteers from FHECOR will move to Nicaragua again, with a group of five volunteers from the American consultancy Weston & Sampson, to build a 67m-span footbridge that will cross the Gusanera River in the district of Jinotega. This footbridge will allow the nearby communities to stay communicated even during the rainy season. In the last few years, three people have lost their lives trying to cross the river. Thanks to this footbridge, around 4000 people will be able to go safely to their jobs, to the doctor, to buy food and more than 1200 kids will go to school without risking their lives.

In the following video, you can see what crossing the river looks like during the dry season. We hope to show you soon the safe crossing the new footbridge will provide, and how it radically improves the life of this community.

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