On May 2nd, 2018, the MEED Project Awards were hosted in Dubai. The Jahra Road and Jamal Abdul Nasser Street Development Project in Kuwait was awarded as the best Transportation Project of the year.
This mega project owned by the Ministry of Public Works of Kuwait includes the construction of 17.7 km of viaducts (7.3 km in the main lane and another 10.4 km in ramps and intersections), apart from 10 pedestrian walkways.
The original project was developed by Louis Berger and Pan Arab. Tony Gee and Partners (Hong Kong) were in charge of the redesign during 2012-2015; FHEID (Fhecor-Ideam) has carried out the Independent Checking of the project. The contractor is a Joint Venture of Rizzani de Eccher – OHL– Boodai Constructions – Trevi (ROBT JV).

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