The works of the tunnel will start in July


The works of the dismantling of the flyover in Cuatro Caminos will be finished over the next few days. The workers are already injecting the original ground to harden it and start excavation works in summer. The retaining walls will be built first, and then the two 100m galleries located at a depth of 1.20m below ground. With the elimination of the flyover, a space of about 80.0m2 will be freed on the roundabout. The decorative elements to be placed in the center of the roundabout, which will join both neighborhoods of the Tetuan District, until now separated by the flyover, are still being studied. One of the proposals is to recover the old fountain that decorated Cuatro Caminos in the 20's. The works could be finished one month before scheduled, due to the rapid dismantling of the structure.

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