Since 2014 FHECOR Ingenieros Consultores has been working together with DRAGADOS in the inspection and refurbishment of several overpass structures for Madrid city council, providing construction technical support. Two iconic bridges are the most remarkable among them.

The first one is the Avda Séneca steel bridge. Due to their poor condition, neoprene had to be replaced with a non-conventional procedure. Since there was no room for the jacks between the piers and the deck, reusable steel collars were placed at the pier top and then prestressed, so that the jack load could be transmitted by friction to the piers.

The second one is the Avda Daroca bridge, which is a monumental structure from the mid-20th century. The deck is composed of six rectangular concrete beams with variable depth and half-joints. These presented severe corrosion, mainly due to lack of impermeability at the deck joint, which affected structural safety. The most remarkable operations were the strengthening of these half-joints with stainless steel anchor bars and the mortar-filling of the deck joints.

FHECOR is very pleased to have participated in these works, which are completely aligned with our dedication to heritage conservation.

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