The ‘Zaragoza Tower’ is a new residential complex with 285 housings which is located near the high-speed train station of Zaragoza-Delicias, promoted by Grupo Plaza 14. The architecture has been developed by Ingennus Urban Consulting. The building comprises 5 basement levels, a ground level and 30 stories above ground. The total height above ground is 92 m, which will make it the second highest building in Zaragoza, only outranked by the Basilica towers.

Once the construction project of the ‘Zaragoza Tower’ has been completed, Fhecor Ingenieros Consultores is now developing the on-site technical assistance works for Dragados S.A.

Retaining works, provisional anchors and excavation works have been completed already. Initially, a slope excavation was carried out to the 4th basement level, and from there, a continuous perimeter concrete wall was executed. The concrete modules have a thickness of 0.60m and a length of about 30 m to reach the waterproof substrate, which has allowed the excavation to be completed by limiting the entry of water.

At this time, work has begun on the foundation slab, whose thickness reaches 1.80 m under the tower and which has a total volume of concrete of about 5,000 m3. The slab transfers the building loads directly to the ground, although it is connected to the perimeter concrete wall to face water underpressure.

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