"We have asked ourselves many times how a Project is managed. The answer is not unique as the circumstances are diverse, but in all cases the birth of an idea has always come from pencil in hand. The first unscaled draft and frequently in perspective, is generally, our first way of expressing the way to reflect that imagined bridge.

Those first sketches are useless without scale, the traditional views (plan, elevation and section) fulfilled with the help of classic drawing tools (set square, triangle and T-square) possibly tell us about the suitability of the imagined proportions or simply they show us the infeasibility of the drawing in the free way we had imagined the solution.

The sketches of the suspension bridge in Elche, of the recent Najera arch bridge or some cable-stayed footbridges projected by Fhecor, are a reflection of the importance we give to drawing in our creative process.

The quick hand done sketch, is one of the best work tools belonging to the engineer. It is indispensible when you need to study the delicate details between the joining of different elements which have to be projected in an urban environment and in which the details have to be thought of at human scale and therefore centimeter by centimeter.

We have never projected on the screen of a computer; it has always been with the warm touch of paper and smooth run of a soft pencil which has allowed us to materialize our ideas into reality.

Notes: Hugo Corres and José Romo.

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