The Ferial Plaza shopping center in Guadalajara inaugurated


The councilor for Industry and Information, José Manuel Díaz-Salazar, stated tonight, during the inauguration of the Ferial Plaza shopping center, that the commitment placed on Guadalajara and Castilla-La Mancha by mainline companies is demonstrating the splendid moment which this province and region is currently undergoing.

Díaz-Salazar underlined that this was one of the few capitals in Spain which had obtained both full male and female employment, and which had contributed to the opening of this shopping center which shall generate 1,000 direct and approximately 2,000 indirect job positions.

The councilor also wished to highlight the high number of women over 45 who have found work in this center. The Regional Government working with the local Job Office has trained more than 300 women.

Specifically for this reason, Díaz-Salazar encouraged the rest of the local administrations, unions, businesses to continue working hand-in-hand, so that Guadalajara and Castilla-La Mancha would receive further good news such as today.

Regarding this matter, The head of Industry and Information pointed out that the dreams of many had come true today, a dream which began some three years ago when the then Mayor of Guadalajara, Jesús Alique requested authorization for this shopping center, and which finalized today with the current authority.

This way, he stated, is an excellent chance for many people to find jobs and for many entrepreneurs to contribute to the growth of a province which is leading the starting up of new businesses and employment.

Balanced commercial model

The councilor, who was accompanied by the President of Realia, the promoter of the center, Ignacio Bayón, the City Mayor, Antonio Román, and the President of El Corte Inglés, Isidoro Álvarez, explained during the inauguration that the Regional Government had made a serious bet for a balanced commercial model.

He stated that this model would make consumer rights compatible to find diverse products and services as in Ferial Plaza alongside the more traditional commerce; a model which would make the reconciliation between working and professional life and would create stable, secure jobs.

Within this perspective, the Mayor would have the backing of the Government of Castilla-La Mancha to continue the same as in the last three years, which is to work towards a commercial model which empowers the city, which socializes neighborhood relations and makes possible the entrance of modern offers.

Ignacio Bayón, President of Realia, stated that Ferial Plaza is an important element which would be transcendental in the modernization and growth of Guadalajara.

This shopping center has been constructed on an area covering 153,000m2; it has 4 floors dedicated to commercial activity with a total of 120 outlets along with 2,000 parking spaces. The total investment reached approximately €100 million.

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