The Local Government Committee shall award the projects today.


The future acclimatized Najera swimming pool will have three pools, spa, saunas, gymnasium and even a multi-use room, according to the Project proposal the Local Government Committee provisionally awarded this morning. Likewise, the committee shall contract the footbridge Project over the Nejerilla River after studying the proposals submitted.

According to the Councilor for Urbanism, Juan José Álvarez, the swimming pool Project shall be the charge of Jesús Marino Pascual and Associates for a sum of €215,266.40. (Amount which includes Works Management), as it was the proposal which best adapted to the needs of the Town Hall of the eight proposals presented. These installations will go just behind the trees which are at the entrance of Fuente Dulce, at the rear end of the summer swimming pool. Of the three pools, one will be for swimming, one for learning and the last for fun. The latter shall have water jets running at different pressures for lumbar treatment. The final project must be submitted to the Town Hall by the beginning of February.

On another hand, Juan José Álvarez also informed that the Local Government Committee had approved this morning the awarding of the Footbridge Project over the Nejerilla River to the Madrilenian company Fhecor Ingenieros Consultores, for a sum of €109,869.40, considering it to be the best dealt offer amongst those presented and that which best fit, because of its design, into the surroundings.

The footbridge, or “Fishermen’s Bridge” (Puente de los Pescadores), will cross the river’s 25m without need of piers and will be four meters wide with its corresponding entranceways from the ‘fronton’ areas and the Residence. The project will be finished in January and the idea of the Corporation is to tender the two projects in the months of March or April.

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