Watersports centre in Madrid

Structural typology: Building
Date: July, 2012
Owner: Madrid Infraestructuras Deportivas 2012
Construction: UTE DRAGADOS – ORTIZ
Scope: Detail Design

The building of the Watersports Centre in Madrid is composed of three intimately related volumes in form of glass boxes: olympic pools and pools for trampoline jumping, for waterpolo and previous training and a central service building. Due to celebrations of open-air competitions, the roof of the central box (110 x 80 m), containing the olympic pool, is mobile. At a 10 metre distance above the borders of the pools, there are seven boxes: one with a length of 110 m and six smaller ones which contain dismountable terraces for multiple usage.

The foundation was laid with pre-cast concrete piles and reinforced concrete pile-caps. The structure is made up of o.35 m deep concrete slabs which are supported by reinforced concrete retaining walls and piles with spans of 10 x 10 m. The steel roofs are made up of different configurations of trusses and beams of great spans.

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