Fuenlabrada Hospital

Madrid, España

Structural typology: HOSPITALS
Date: January, 2004
Owner: Comunidad de Madrid
Scope: detailed design and construction monitoring
Architect: Andres Perea Ortega & Luis Gonzalez Sterling

The Fuenlabrada Hospital has a surface area of 159.50 x 12300m on plan. From the beginning of the project, a pre-cast structure with rigid nodes and no expansion joints was considered.

The basic structure consists of frames with spans of 5.0m to 7.50m in one direction, and pre-cast slabs in the other. The frames are composed of 0.3 x 0.3m pre-cast columns which are installed in one piece and go throughout the six floors of the building. Afterwards, the pre-cast beams are propped up and the pre-cast hollow slabs placed between them. The concrete is then cast, simultaneously, over the upper layer of the slabs, the upper part of the beam and the column-beam joints,
offering a completely monolithic result. Designed without joints, the structure is anchored to the vertical circulation cores in order to prevent the effects caused by horizontal loads and weather-conditioned shrinkage. Although, initially, these cores were meant to be pre-cast elements, they were finally built in-situ. The building also contains several pre-cast footbridges.

This construction project is a fine example of how to achieve a highly modular building using non-standard pre-cast elements and at the same time, optimizing the construction period whilst taking advantage of the highest quality, industrialized construction may offer.

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