Heathrow airport T2A


Structural typology: Building
Completed: July, 2012
Owner: BAA
Scope: Detail Design

Terminal 2 Concourse A (T2A) is to be built on the site of the existing Terminal 2, the Flight Connections Centre (FCC) and Queens Building, and will be sized such that, in its final configuration, and together with T5 and the refurbished T3 and T4, the airport will accommodate c.30 million passengers per year. As such, T2A will form part of a family of high quality facilities at Heathrow, the biggest airport in one of the world greatest cities, London.

T2A is a 6 storey building comprising approximately 200.000 sqm of floor area (in phase 1), and upon completion of phase 2, will handle one third of the total passenger flow at Heathrow.
Conceptually it’s a steel framed building, and its outstanding features are the roof and façades, which will be built joint-free. Additionally, every element has been chosen bearing in mind the time-schedule and worksite conditions, very tight in this case.

Fhecor Ingenieros Consultores will provide the full scope of professional services for the entire building, fully integrated within a complete team located in the project office in Madrid, where Ferrovial Agroman has put together a multi-disciplined design team that will be responsible for the delivery of a timely design.

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