Bridge over the Alberche River

El Tiemblo, Avila, España

Structural typology: ROAD & HIGHWAY BRIDGES
Date: July, 1999
Owner: ministerio de fomento
Construction: ute construcciones sobrino y tapusa
Scope: detailed design and construction support

It is a viaduct with a composite two-beam deck of 38,00 m, 56,00 m, 66,00 m, 52,00 m and 34,00 m spans. Its reinforced concrete piers are very slender and of variable height from 22,00 m to 45,00 m. Their exterior box section is 4,00 m x 1,80 m² and their walls are 0,30 m thick Every pier has a different composite head owing to the shape of the deck. In order to control longitudinal slenderness, the deck is fixed to the abutments by means of a special system that allows movements caused by temperature and shrinkage and, at the same time, fixes the deck in case of quick movements due to violent braking.

Its piers have been built with sliding framework. Its steel pier heads were placed with a crane and cast with a concrete pump. The beams of the steel structure were also placed with a crane. The concrete of the upper slab was cast over prefabricated slabs

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