Bridge over the Cavalls gorge

Structural typology: ROAD & HIGHWAY BRIDGES
Date: December, 1998
Owner: Generalitat Valenciana
Construction: Dragados Obras y Proyectos.
Scope: Detail Design and Technical Support

The bridge over the Cavalls Gorge consists of four spatial composite truss girders of 56,00 m span, 3,00 m depth and 4,00 m width that put together provide a deck of 17,00 m width. In order to optimize the use of structural steel, the bottom chord, which is tensioned, has been pre-compressed by means of exterior pre-stressing, made up of two units of 24 parallel strands of 0,6’’.

The trusses were built with the help of framework and a crane. The concrete of the deck slab was cast over the steel structure. Finally, the exterior pre-stressing was tensioned.

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