River Oria Bridge repair project

Itsasondo-Arama, Guipúzcoa, España

Date: June, 2004
Owner: diputación foral de guipúzcoa
Construction: construcciones amenábar
Scope: construction support

In June 2004, the repair works to the Itsasondo-Arama Bridge began, which are allocated the Nº32 according to the code pertaining to the Regional Government of Guipúzcoa. The project forecast, albeit with little previous information, gave way to solutions, which once Works began, admitted pertinent changes and modifications, which would offer better and more economical results from a maintenance point of view.

CONSTRUCCIONES AMENABAR requested Technical Assistance from FHECOR Ingenieros Consultores, and Javier Leon, one of its engineers, drew up a geometric characterization and reinforcement plan which would permit the confirmation of the structure"s actual resistant capacity.

Once the necessary calculations had been fulfilled, it was decided to undertake a structural refit which would permit continuity to the wearing course and eliminate joints, which are a constant source of problems on the road surface and for the durability of the concrete structure.

A new upper slab was projected and subsequently laid and although it increased the imposed load it offered a greater depth resistance and also permitted the placement of a vehicle safety barrier

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