Bridge manag. system, El Camino Motorway


Date: November, 2008
Owner: Autovía del Camino
Scope: Inventory, Detailed main inspections and Implantation of Bridge Management System-PONTI.

The Bridge Management System 'PONTI' has been implanted in the Concessionaire Company of the A-12 Motorway between Pamplona and Logroño, the so-called "Autovía del Camino" (El Camino Motorway).

The field works consisted in fulfilling detailed inspections on 17 structures which presented specific anomalies, with the aid of auxiliary means of access.

Consequently, the inspection reports were written up, detailing the damages observed in each structure and stating an 'Index of Damage', which is a scale when greater the number, worse the state of the structure. This is obtained pondering the seriousness of the damages observed along with the importance of the element affected.
The implantation of the PONTI system shall permit the definition of future preferential actions and therefore manage the economic evaluation of repair costs.

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