Residential housing tower block


Structural typology: Building
Date: September, 2014
Owner: Ap Real Estate Investiments Brasil Construtora Ltda.
Construction: Aransa
Scope: Detail Design

The housing tower block in Plaza Gaudí consists of two, practically symmetric, 24-storey towers, denominated A and B. Tower A has a surface area slightly greater than Tower B, measuring 24.8 x 17.6m. All storeys are constructed above ground level without basement levels. There is an intermediate area between the two towers consisting of 3 storeys.

Each of the towers is composed of the following storey levels:

- “Pavimentos” 1 (ground) and 2 (first floor) destined to car parking. These are common levels for both towers and the intermediate area.
- Lázer: This is an open area with gardens, swimming pool and leisure facilities. This too, is for common usage for both towers and the intermediate area.
- 18 storeys for housing.
- Machine house, where all the building’s machinery is housed.
- “Respiro” level, where the ventilation conducts are to be found.
- Heliport

All storeys consist of 25cm deep, solid slabs with spans varying between 3.00m and 8.50m. Both towers have a central core and two smaller cores which offer vertical rigidity and stability to the structure against wind effects. The building’s main staircase runs through the central core, whilst the smaller cores house the lifts.

All columns are reinforced concrete with a slender, rectangular cross section.
The “lázer” floor acts as a transition level for the transversal displacement and 90º rotation of the central columns in each of the towers. A suspended beam grid layout has been employed to absorb both horizontal and vertical forces so as to transmit them to the central concrete core. On this same floor there is a swimming pool in the intermediate area, which shall be supported by perimeter and intermediate beams set between the columns.
The definition of the foundations is not included in the scope of the works.

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