Suppression of joints in existing bridges

Structural typology: R&D PROJECTS
Date: June, 2011
Owner: Fhecor, Dragados, Iridium, Intemac y la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Scope: 4 years

The objective of this project is to establish a methodology for the efficient suppression of joints in existing concrete bridge decks pertaining to the national road network.

The project proposes to select pairs of real structures which could be representative of the different typologies (underpasses, overpasses, viaducts with decks made from simply supported spans, and partially continuous structures) and of the different exposure classes, so that they may cover extreme situations with regard to those to which most existing structures in Spain are subjected. The selected structures will be monitored during a winter-to-summer cycle, after which the joints will be suppressed in one structure out of each pair, so that it will be possible to measure the differences in behavior from both the structural and durability points of view.

From the point of view of research, this data, obtained from real structures with real traffic and real climate, will be useful in d eveloping behavior models for the prediction of the life span of the structures, aimed at the proposal of a solid and precisely defined methodology for the suppression of joints.

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