HB of steel/composite structures (PIEM)

Structural typology: R&D PROJECTS
Date: June, 2008

At the request of APTA, FHECOR Consulting Engineers has developed a Virtual Handbook for Steel and Composite Structures following the idea of the Virtual Handbook for Structural Concrete (2003).

This program includes modules on :
Materials (Pre-defined constitutive laws, generic constitutive laws),
Cross-sections (catalogue of profiles, parameterized cross-sections, generic cross-sections),
Analysis (continuous beams, Frames of various shapes and support conditions),
Serviceability Limit State (control of stresses, deformations and calculation of needed pre-camber),
Ultimate Limit State (Axial, flexure, shear, lateral buckling, torsion, interaction, consideration of effective widths for instability of plates),
Joints, Durability and Fire Resistance.

The program includes the possibility of changing the language (through translation of text archives) and the ability to carry out calculations using either the Spanish National Standards or the Eurocodes (with configurable national parameters).

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