Sar Viaduct

Rialiño - Padrón (A Coruña)

Structural typology: Bridges
Date: December, 2011
Owner: Dirección General de Infraestructuras Ferroviarias, Ministerio de Fomento
Construction: Ferrovial
Scope: Detailed design and technical assistance

Railway viaduct on the stretch between Rialiño – Padrón (A Coruña) of the Atlantic corridor of the High Speed Railway Line which crosses the valleys of the Rivers Sar and Sarela.

It is composed of a notably long structural concrete deck measuring some 2,441m with two hyperstatic spans and an intermediate isostatic span. Each hyperstatic span is fixed on a central point set upon A-shaped piers.

The deck was constructed using MSS in 46 phases. The foundations are deep piles except in the case of three piers which employ a direct foundation.

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