Multifunctional Building en Calle de Fúcar


Structural typology: BIM PROJECTS
Date: July, 2017
Owner: Ayuntamiento de Madrid
Scope: detailed design and construction support

The new equipment is located between Costanilla de los Desamparados Street and Fúcar Street. According to the urban plan, the new facility will have a total building area of approximately 9,448 m2, of which approximately 4,385 m2 will be devoted to social welfare, 1,312 m2 to educational use, 2,895 m2 to sports use and 856 m2 to public services.

Fhecor is developing the structural project for this new facility promoted by Madrid City Council, which will be a pioneering experience using the BIM methodology in the consistory. For the geometric definition of the roof structure, consisting of a set of spatial trusses, Dynamo routines have been developed that have allowed the bars to be positioned with precision.

Furthermore, in view of the need to coordinate work with the architecture and installation teams, Fhecor has created an Autodesk BIM 360 Team project to exchange models and improve communication between teams. This platform allows the models of the different disciplines to be uploaded and version control to be carried out automatically. The web application also allows to visualize the models on-line without the need of having additional software installed and has revision tools that speed up the communication of interferences and incidents between disciplines.

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