One of the first projects developed for the Madrid City Council, as part of the contract awarded to FHECOR in 2017, is the multiuse building located between the streets of Fucar and Costanilla de los Desamparados. The demolition of the old building located where the new building will be located has been finished recently. The new 22.000 m2 building will consist of a sports center, a swimming pool, a cleaning station, a kindergarten, a center for elderly people and several parking levels.

The difficulty of solving such a building with so many different uses is combined with the irregularity of the building spot and the 5-meter difference in height between the streets that access the building. A BIM model of the complete building has been developed to undertake the design of this public center. Additionally, some Dynamo scripts have been created for the geometric definition of the spatial trusses that support the roof.

The design of the building incorporates some sustainable features such as the use of geothermal energy as part of the building sources of energy, and the use of rainwater collected in the building to be used in street cleaning.

FHECOR has been in charge of the structural design of the building, the detailed design of the structure of the building and the coordination of works with the teams of architecture and facilities by means of an Autodesk BIM 360 Team Project.

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