The Romanzado Bridge in Navarre is a little-known example of the Collection of Strict Height Bridges, developed by the great Carlos Fernández Casado during the 1930s. The Collection was officially approved by a ministerial order in 1939 and remained in force until the mid-1950s. The bridge is part of the Third Serie of the Collection with a total length of 25 meters.

The reinforced concrete bridge crosses the Salazar River and is composed of three spans with lengths of 7.50 + 10.00 + 7.50 meters. The deck is a variable-depth concrete slab supported on top of wall piers.

The Romanzado Bridge is a very valuable example despite its modest dimensions. The bridge has been subjected to a refurbishment and retrofitting project developed by FHECOR and SERTECNA for the Government of Navarre. The intervention has included: refurbishment of the edges of the cantilevers of the deck, retrofitting the deck by increasing its depth, installation of a new vehicle barrier and painting and cleaning of exposed surfaces of piers and deck.

The refurbishment performed has intended to be respectful to the beauty of the original design, to its technical rationality and to the purpose of "introducing the minimum of new ideas to the environment" as stated by its author.

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