Gipuzkoa Provincial Council engaged SESTRA and FHECOR to design the bike and pedestrian trail between Azitain and Maltzaga nearby the city of Eibar in 2017.

The new track will be approximately 2,5 km long. The trail’s first segment will be parallel to N-634 road and the Ego River, crossing it twice. The second segment will cross over the Ego River again and then over the Deba River, parallel to an existing railway bridge, before reaching the connection with an existing track aligned to A-8 highway.

Regarding construction works, segment 1 has been awarded to Murias and Amenabar JV, whereas Segment 2 will be built by Campezo – Iza – Estrumar JV. The works are expected to last 10 months. Total construction budget for the two segments is roughly 3.8 million Euros.

FHECOR designed four steel footbridges along the trail, over the Ego and the Deba Rivers. Segment 1 footbridges have relatively short spans. They have been designed as a U section with two haunched steel box girders, in which the outer web is folded inwards to provide a lighter appearance and avoid web inner stiffening. Segment 2 footbridges main spans are roughly 80 m and will have a hybrid beam-arch typology.

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