The Mersey Gateway Bridge has been officially awarded the Outstanding Structure Award 2019 by the IABSE as ‘an elegantly integrated solution for a multi-span concrete cable stay bridge in which form follows function.’ The bridge is ‘the first long-span cable-supported concrete bridge constructed in the UK‘ becoming ‘a vital new link within the region‘ whose ‘positive impact will be felt for years to come, driving growth locally and regionally‘.

What a journey! Seven years ago FHECOR was involved in the conceptual design for Mersey Gateway Bridge with COWI and Dissing and Weitling. Later we had the opportunity to continue developing the Project for construction and detailing design with FCC and the rest of CJV. Ideas became reality and finally, the bridge opened to traffic in 2017. This IABSE recognition as Outstanding Structure is the icing on the cake for such an amazing ride.

FHECOR would like to thank all our team which started working on the project since 2012 and the rest of colleagues both in the DJV and CJV that helped us deliver this magnificent bridge. We will carry this honor with renovated energy and the aim of starting new challenges.

Official announcement: https://bit.ly/2I356sJ

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